When buying uniforms for restaurants, you can order the application of logos on them.

Our offer for branding workwear is not limited to sewing clothes in corporate colors. To help you develop your corporate identity, we offer clothing embroidery for restaurants, bars, cafes. Embroidering names on chef's tunic or putting a company logo on the entire uniform for the staff - the Abrikos team will help you take the strength of your own brand to a new level.

In addition to classic embroidery, we offer the application of logos using thermal transfer, screen printing and sublimation. Thermal transfer is realized due to temperature: the logo is applied by pressing through a film, paper. The principle of silk screen printing is based on a special fine-structured fabric. It helps to put on the workwear the desired printing form, which will be painted over in the future. Screen printing - the ability to apply embroidery on clothes for restaurants, bars, cafes of premium quality. You can control the color gamut of the image, embroidery and even its volume. If you want an exact copy of a picture, photo or other image, then you need not embroidery on clothes for restaurants, bars, cafes, but sublimation on fabric.

Embroidery options on clothing for restaurants, bars, cafes

Each institution already has its own design concept, or gradually comes to it. The goal of the Abrikos workshop is not to give you a conveyor product as soon as possible, but to realize your ideas, without sacrificing quality. For example, we apply embroidery on clothes for restaurants, bars, cafes where you see fit. On the left chest are shirts for waiters, on the back are hostess uniforms, on the sleeves of cook blouses, on aprons of cleaners, etc. Working with us, you will also not have restrictions on choosing the size of embroidery on clothes for restaurants, bars, cafes. Sophisticated design, concept is more a challenge for us than a reason to refuse an order.

As for the terms of the order, they are slightly different from the time we spend on simple sewing clothes. In any case, our manager will orient you by the date of the order. Honest and open work is in our interests, therefore, we always try to announce the real time of the execution of the order for embroidery on clothes for restaurants, bars, cafes.

Why is it worth ordering embroidery on clothes with us

For long-term and elegant embroidery on clothes for restaurants, bars and cafes to appear, you do not need to spend a lot of effort, time looking for a high-quality and conscientious contractor. The Abrikos Group team has been sewing special clothing for staff for 8 years and applying thematic embroidery. Regardless of which city of Ukraine your restaurant, cafe or bar is located in, you can use our services for tailoring and branding uniforms. Our managers will help you determine the order, our masters will give you a cool product, our logisticians will mail you a finished order if you are not in Kiev. Delivery throughout Ukraine is free!